a cloud-based Electronic Medical Record

    This is not just prescription software

    It is life long history of a patient in one place.

  • Our Apps

    for appointment booking visit: https://booking.bdemr.com

  • AnaesMon

    All AnaestheticIntensive Care (ICU)Surgical RecordInpatient Recordand much more...

    Available Both as web and App

    visit https://anaesmon.com

  • BDEMRPatient

    Save securely all your medical record into one place

    Medicine ReminderBlood Pressure & Sugar ManagementBMI calculationand much more FREE features

  • BDEMRDoctor

    See Patient's lifelong history in one place

    PrescriptionAdvise investigation onlineCreate invoiceCommunicate with patient through notification

  • BDEMRClinic

    See Advised investigationsAdd investigaiton independentlyCommunicate with doctor and patient through notificationCreate invoiceAdd Attachement

  • BDEMRBooking

    Book Doctors Appoinment onlineBook online consultation with doctorPay fees onlineOnline second opinionCommunicate with doctor through notification

    visit https://booking.bdemr.com

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key features
Our Product
Fee Payable By Patient
  • Prescription/visit: 05 Taka
  • Anaesmon use for ICU/HDU patient/d: 25 Taka
  • Anaesmon use for inpatient/d: 10 Taka
  • Notification by patient/use: 02 Taka
  • Any photo uploads by patient/upload: 03 Taka
  • Video upload 1-10 MB /upload: 10 Taka
  • Video upload > 10 MB /upload: 25 Taka
  • Medicine update by patient: Free
  • Test update by patien: Free
  • Vitals update by patient: Free
USD $9.99/month
USD $109.99/year
USD $499.99/5years
BDEMR is a medical software company. Our current services are cloud based . We are providing web based/app based platform to create, save, organize the medical record in one place. It is a onestop service for doctors, patient, and allied health professionals alike. Our endavour is to minimize cost, increase efficiency, ease communication, ensure fairness and easy accesibilty of data by the interested party. We will also help to create medical solutions for hospitals.
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